by J. Mack Dent

“A South Georgia Home in Wiregrass Country”

Signed art reproduction Edition Size: 16" x 20"

$55 (Flat rate shipping charges will be added)

Orphaned shortly after birth, my two brothers and I were raised by our grandmother in this wonderful old home built in 1913 by our grandfather. This drawing recalls fun-filled adventures for curious little boys' explorations under, over and around the balconies, cellar, porches and roof. Like rabbits in a warren we joyfully scampered, not always with approval, for hours with our buddies. The soaring oak limb and the birds flying the sky bring back memories of lying flat on the roof-top imagining wonderful things. I can still see my grandmother and her sister sitting in the rockers, happily chatting with each other, as we came up the walkway returning home from school. The "big front hall" and the porches were frequently the setting for "proms and dances" during the 1940's, diversions from the war overseas. My grandmother entertained young GI's stationed in our town during those years. She exclaimed, "these dear boys must have a USO!" The happy sounds of music and laughter were welcomed disruptions on the usually tranquil Gaskin Avenue by grateful neighbors.

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