Robert Edward Lee Born in Westmoreland County, Virginia on January 19, 1807 -Died in Lexington, Virginia on October 12, 1870 – age 63 Commander of the Confederate Armies - “ A Genuine American Hero” – admired in the North and revered in the South

Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson

Born in Clarksburg, Virginia on January 21, 1824 - Died May 10, 1863 in Chancellorsville, Virginia - age 39 Lieutenant General Army of Northern Virginia – A Legend - “There stands Jackson like a stonewall!”
James Longstreet Born in Edenfield District, S.C. on January 8, 1821 - Died in Gainesville, Ga on January 2, 1904 Confederate General - Controversial for strong convictions- graduated from U.S. Military Academy in 1838 near the bottom of a class that included Sherman and Grant.
Nathan Bedford Forrest Born in Bedford County, Tennessee July 13, 1821 - Died in Memphis, Tennessee on October 29, 1877 – age 56 Brigadier General - greatest of all Cavalry Leaders – “Get thar fust with the most men” – raised in the school of “hard knocks”
Braxton Bragg Born in Warrenton, North Carolina. on March 22, 1817- Died in Galveston, Texas on September 27, 1876 - age 59 Major General – Commanded Army of Tennessee - Bragg’s difficult personality alienated senior officers such as Longstreet, D.H. Hill and Hardee.. Longstreet’s aide wrote “Bragg was the subject of hatred and contempt, and it was almost openly so expressed”.
John Brown Gordon Born in Upson County, Georgia on February 6, 1832 - Died in Miami, Florida on January 9, 1904 – age 72 Major General – One of Robert E. Lee’s Most Trusted – raised the “Raccoon Roughs”, a company of mountain men
John Bell Hood Born in Owingsville, Kentucky on June 1, 1831 - Died in New Orleans,Louisiana on August 30, 1879 – age 48 A Fighting General – “The Gallant Hood” was an unparalleled brigade and division commander. “Hood’s Brigade” set a standard to which other troops aspired.
Ambrose Powell Hill Born in Cullpepper, Virginia on November 9, 1825 -Killed April 2, 1865 in Petersburg, Virginia - age 40 Lieutenant General – Led the legendary “Light Division” during the Peninsular Campaign of 1862 , so called for its speed on the march, in the Battle of Seven Days.
Albert Sidney Johnson Born in Washington, Kentucky on February 2, 1803 - Killed at Shiloh on April 6, 1862 – age 59 ConfederateGeneral - close friend of Jefferson Davis, he refused an offer to serve under Winfield Scott as second in command of Union Forces.
Pierre Gustave Beauregard Born in St.Bernard Parrish, Louisiana on May 28, 1818 - Died in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 20, 1893 – age 75 Confederate General - The Confederacy’s First Hero - of soldierly bearing and courtly manner, he became the new Confederacy’s first hero directing the first attack on Fort Sumter.
James Ewell Brown (“Jeb”) Stuart Born in Patrick County, Virginia in 1833 - Killed May 12, 1864 at Yellow Tavern(Richmond), Va. – age 31 Confederate General - Cavalry - Army of Northern Virginia – The “Cavalier of Dixie” -R.E. Lee … “ He never brought me a piece of false information”
Leonidas Polk Born in Raleigh, North Carolina on April 10, 1806 - Killed at Pine Mountain, Georgia on June14, 1864 – age 58 Confederate General - Episcopal Bishop - Founder of The University of the South - felt the South was fighting a sacred cause, and like many medieval bishops, exchanged the clerical vestment for a soldier’s uniform.
William Joseph Hardee Born in Camden County, Georgia on Oct 12, 1815 -Died in Virginia on November 6, 1873 – age 58 Lieutenant General - Commander of the Army of Tennessee – admired by his men , who affectionately called him “Old Reliable”.
Stephen Dill Lee Born in Charleston, South Carolina on September 22, 1833 - Died May 28, 1908 in Vicksburg, Virginia - age 75 Lieutenant General - Army of Virginia – “A Brave Warrior” - distantly related to the Robert E. Lee - fought bravely in the battle of Antietam in September of 1862 in what has been described as “the bloodiest day of the war”.
Joseph Eggleston Johnston Born in Prince Edward County, Virginia in, 1807 -Died of pneumonia in Virginia in 1891- age 84 Confederate General – died of pneumonia in 1891, not long after he had stood bareheaded in the rain at the funeral of his old adversary, W.T. Sherman.
Wade Hampton Born in Columbia. South Carlina in, 1818 - Died in Columbia, South Carolina in April 1902 - age 84 Major General – Wealthy plantation owner - experiences as a planter caused him to doubt the economic benefits of slavery, and he initially opposed secession.
George Washington Custis Lee Born in Fort Monroe,, Virginia on September 16, 1832 - Died in Fairfax County, Virginia on February 18, 1913 – age 81 Brigadier General - never could get out from under his famous father’s shadow or his younger brother, “Rooney’s” successful military career. - succeeded his father as President at Washington and Lee where he gave 25 years of devoted service.
Jubal Anderson Early Born in Franklin County, Virginia on November 3, 1816 - Died in Lynchburg, Virginia on March 2, 1894 – age 78 Lieutenant General – “Old Jube” – his cool head and skillful maneuvering won him acclaim for fighting without a single casualty at Warrenton Springs against Union Gen John Pope.
George Hume Steuart Born in Baltimore, Maryland on August 24, 1828 - Died in South River, Maryland on November 22, 1903 – age 75 Brigadier General - “Maryland “ Steuart - cavalry and infantry – known for his bravery in the Battle at First Bull Run
Richard Heron Anderson Born in Sumter County, South Carolina on October 7, 1821 - Died June 26, 1879 at Beaufort, South Carolina - age 58 Lieutenant General – grandson of a Revolutionary War hero, Richard Anderson was born with a “taste for the military”. for his service, Lee shook his friend’s hand exclaiming, “ My noble soldier, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
21 Richard Taylor Born in “Springsfields”/Louisville, Kentucky on January 27,1826 - Died in New York City on April12, 1879 – Age 53 Brigadier General - “glittering credentials” - son of former President Zachary Taylor, nephew of Union General Joseph P. Taylor, former brother-in-law of Jefferson Davis, educated in Europe and Harvard, influential planter and state senator from Louisiana- only Confederate general with literary art approaching the first rank.
22 John Esten Cooke Born in Virginia in 1830 - Died in Virginia in 1886 – Age 56 Confederate General - “ An ardent secessionist” - his first cousin, Confederate General John Rogers Cooke and his uncle, Union General Phillip St George Cooke represent a very unfortunate split in many American families during the Civil War. Brother against brother. Father against son, cousin against cousin - wrote Lee’s and Jackson’s biographires after the war.
23 Richard Stoddard Ewell Born in District of Columbia on February 8, 1817 - Died at Springhill, Tennessee on Jan 25, 1872 – age 55 Major General – “Old Baldhead” ..one leg... lots of COURAGE! - an active campaigner from Gettysburg to Spotsylvania Court House, even though he was wounded twice.
24 Daniel Harvey Hill Born in York District, South Carolina on July 12, 1821 - Died September 24, 1889 at Charlotte, North Carolina – age 68 Major General – “Lee’s Maverick General” – his criticism of Lee caused a rift that went to the grave
25 Alfred Holt Colquit Born in Walton County, Georgia on April 20, 1824- -Died in Washington, D.C. on March 26, 1894 – age 70 Brigadier General – defeated the Federals so convincingly in the Battle of Olustee that it became a legend in Florida history.
26 Edmund Kirby Smith Born in St.Augustine, Florida May 16, 1824 - Died March 28, 1893 at Sewanee, Tennessee - age 69 Lieutenant General - Army of Northern Virginia - devout Christian who almost resigned his commission in 1863 to enter the ministry, but he remained in the army, waging a well-planned defensive campaign to keep the federals from taking western Louisiana.
27 George Edward Pickett Born in Richmond, Virginia on January 28, 1825 - Died at Norfolk, Virginia on July 30, 1875 –age 50 Confederate General – Led the legendary “Pickett’s Charge” - his name in Civil War History was secured in a losing cause, the charge against the Federal Center on the third day at Gettysburg
28 Simon Bolivar Buckner Born in Hart County, Kentucky on April 1, 1823 -Died in New Orleans in January 1914 – age 91 Major General – Sought by Union and Confederates to serve- had a long friendship with Grant and was a pallbearer at Grant’s funeral -the last of the high-ranking Confederate Generals in 1914 when he died. His son, Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr. was killed commanding the 10th Army at Okinawa in 1945.
29 John Clifford Pemberton Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 10, 1814 - Died July 13, 1881at Penllyn, Pennsylvania - age 67 Lieutenant General– “The Defender of Vicksburg” – a Yankee Quaker married to a southern girl - deep love for the South -refused a commission in the Union army to join the Confederacy, while 2 of his brothers remained with the Union army.
30 Samuel Cooper Born in Hacksensack, New Jersey. on June 12, 1798 - Died in Alexandria, Virginia on Dec 3, 1876 – age 78 Adjutant General – highest ranking officer in the Confederate Armies - promoted orders and regulations, maintained communications with generals in the field, and oversaw the keeping of records. His records provided information that is still studied today.
31 James Chesnut, Jr Born in Camden, South Carolina on January 18, 1815 - Died at Camden, South Carolina on February 1, 1885 – age 70 Brigadier General – helped draft the Confederacy’s constitution -Yearning for battle, as a brigadier general, he led the reserve forces of South Carolina until the end of the war.
32 John Cabell Breckenridge Born in Lexington, Kerntucky on January 15, 1821- Died May 17, 1875 in Lexington, Kentucky - age 54 Major General – before the war, at 35, youngest Vice President in the U.S. to President James Buchanon at that time – fought bravely at
at Shiloh, Stone’s River, Chickamauga , Missionary Ridge, Cold Harbor, Martinsburg and at Monacacy.
33 Montgomery Dent Corse Born in Alexandria, Virginia on March 14, 1816 - Died in Alexandria, Virginia on February 11, 1895 – age 79 Brigadier General – “One of the Best Officers” (Longstreet) - fought at Blackburn’s Ford, First Bull Run, Boonsborough and Antietam where he captured two battle flags
34 Fitzhugh Lee Born in Fairfax County, Virginia on November 19, 1835 - Died in District of Columbia on April 28, 1905 – age 70 Major General – Almost expelled for misbehavior at West Point by his uncle, Superintendant Robert E. Lee – became an outstanding cavalryman under Jeb Stuart – promoted to major general at 27.
35 Bernard Elliott Bee Born in South Carolina in 1824 - Killed July 22, 1861 at the First Battle of Bull Run – age 37 Brigadier General- He gave Jackson the name ”Stonewall” - “Look at General Jackson’s brigade! It stands like a stone wall! Rally behind the Virginians!” Wounded shortly thereafter, he died the following day.
36 John Hunt Morgan Born in Alabama in 1825- Killed in Greenville, Tennessee on September 4, 1864 – age 39 Confederate General – A Master Raider! - commended for his “varied heroic and invaluable services”, he was for over two years a celebrated raider and a thorn in the Union’s side -killed while preparing to attack Federal forces in Knoxville, Tennessee.
37 Merriwether Jeff Thompson Born in Virginia in 1826 - Died in St.Joseph, Missouri in 1876 – age 50 Brigadier General – an eccentric but brilliant leader and a daring scout whose effective campaigns earned his command the nickname “The Swamp Rats”
38 Sterling Price Born in Prince Edward County, Virginia on September 20, 1809 - Died September 29, 1867 in St Louis, Missouri - age 58 Major General- “Pap” - Tall, portly, handsome, and commanding of manner, the embodiment of Missouri rural aristocracy
39 George Nichols Hollins Born in Baltimore, Maryland on September 20, 1799 - Died in Baltimore, Maryland on January 18, 1878 – age 79 Confederate Commodore - commander of the Confederate navy - captured a Union ship and took command of the steamer St. Nicholas. Aboard the St Nicholas, took 3 prizes in Chesapeake Bay waters. In July 1861, he received command of the New Orleans Naval Station.
40 John Bankhead Magruder Born in Port Royal, Virginia on May 1, 1807 - Died in Houston, Texas of February 18, 1871 – age 64 Major General - “The furious fighting Johnny B. Magruder” - pompous, egotistical, and given to theatrical behavior, he thrived on recognition. His comrades called him “Prince John” because of his fondness for lavish entertainment, courtliness, toward the ladies, and fashionable military dress.
41 William Henry Fitzhugh (“Rooney”) Lee Born in Arlington, , Virginia on May 31, 1837 - Died October 15, 1891 at Alexandria,, Virginia – age 57 Lieutenant General Army of Northern Virginia – The second son of Robert E. Lee graduated from Harvard and became a cavalry officer - promoted to major general for his courageous performance in battle - at age 27 he was the youngest officer at that rank in the Confederacy.
42 Patrick Ronayne Cleburne Born in County Cork, Ireland on March 17, 1828 - Killed Battle of Franklin on November 30, 1864 – age 36 Confederate General - The Irish Hero – Uncommon Courage and Sacrifice -Under John B. Hood at the Battle of Franklin on Nov 30, 1864, his horse was shot from under him and he mounted another and it too was killed. He then raised his sword and led his men forward on foot until he was shot and killed 50 yards from the Union lines. His death set of mourning in most Confederate quarters.
43 John King Jackson Born in Augusta, Georgia on February 8, 1828 -Died in Milledgeville, Georgia on February 27, 1866– age38 Brigadier General – Always Reliable and Never Questioning – served with distinction at Shiloh, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Atlanta, Charleston and Savannah. Jackson was one of the first in his state to rally to the Confederate Cause.
44 John Daniel Imboden Born near Staunton, Virginia on February 16, 1823 -Died August 15, 1895 in Damascus, Virginia - age 72 Confederate General (and daring raider) – “Jones’s and Imboden’s Raid” - varied interest and 5 wives, immediately after Virginia seceded, Imboden led the militia unit he had organized, the Staunton Artillery, to Harper’s Ferry and captured the U.S. arsenal there.


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